What car do you drive?

Pictures please. I am in the market for a new car

EDIT: I was thinking Dodge Challenger or Charger


These two,
2018 Porsche 911 Turbo and 2011 Cl63 AMG Benz

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very impressive, i love the one on the left.

Thank you, are you dead set on a challenger/charger and if so what type, RT, Hellcat etc.?


I ride the MTA


Those are very nice. What do you do? That’s some serious cash in those cars.

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Stocks and business with my dad @Bb011

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I ride the TTC. :slight_smile:

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Not dead set on anything really, i was looking at a 2015 charger rt. I cant afford a supercar but a charger ish is in my price range

You a dodge guy?, newer Camaro’s run around the same price and look better in my opinion @Lebron23

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2020 Camaro will have a 6.2 engine option and run about 34k

That’s a win


you can find a 2014/2015 hellcat for around 40k where im from

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Get that Camaro… Say f the warranty , boost it crack some assess … And drive around with a big smile

40k ? Thats like 4 dollars on 2kg. Pretty sure knezius can help you out if you need some lol


no, i dont really care haha. honestly i just know chief keef has a hellcat so I got interested camaros i can look into mustangs too i guess

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What do you enjoy from a car?


yes it is a complete sentenece

Just want a cool looking car