What Cam do you play on?

I often find myself taking 3s I though were open but end up being heavily contested because of 2k cam, any better ones out there?

2k cam for sure, but I’m pretty certain you can adjust how zoomed in you are.

Only broadcast :heart:

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Just started playing on broadcast in this year’s game (2K Cam before) and I won’t switch back.

I used to only play on Broadcast in 2K games but switched to 2K cam when I reached the higher levels of domination and when I started playing more online. I still like broadcast though because it’s better for defense and post scoring (also looks like the real thing), but 2K is way better for setting up drives, 3 point shots, and especially fast breaks/transition defense.

I play with the drive camera. Some people dont like it because it isnt static. It moves around depending on where the ball is on the court. But this is beneficial because there is NO blindspots like there is on 2K cam

Can anybody post video of them using cams other than 2k cam? I’d like to see if I’d be willing to try something new, but wanna see how the gameplay looks before I do.

Broadcast and I increase the height to 10 and lower the zoom to 1. (basically max height, lowest zoom)

2k with autoflip turned off.