What best way get token get for free. Onc do wee

Nee 94 token melo take me bout 155 solo games to ge would be 70 2k wasn’t greed or do onlin triple threat risk it. Onc do weekly be 88

I sniped everything I could to get to 1000 cards and 250 tokens, then I sold about 100 cards and locked some collections for extra tokens to get carmelo. Gave him a good coach and shoe

U aight bro? Lol


prob English isnt first language

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How much mt need ge to 1k… have 430k

I only used about 100k. U need to just get good deals and be patient. took me a week

Really? 100k sounds very cheap. How many cards did you need/get for that?
I am at around 600 cards now. I don’t think i can get close to 1000 cards with 100k. I would need to buy 400 cards for 250 MT to get to 1000 within the budget. Any special tips to do it? Thanks.

100k is probably about right. I used about 50k to get to 500

it gets alot harder after like 750ish when youre forced to buy silvers

Thanks guys. I’ll try my best.

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Lol really that’s it? I might have to get on that lol

I got all the magic silvers under 2k each. 2 jard dudleys under 2k, sells for almost 10. and i still got my boogie bid under 1000

I’ll give it a try tonight. I notice cards are always cheap at night. For example I bought like 8 Dennis smith jr last night under 2k. Usually in the day he sells anywhere from 5-8k

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yea i noticed nothing expensive ever has a starting bid under 1000 cuz ppl bid low and it disappears. i feel bad for whoever posts them up and gets screwed over

That was the jig last year. Buy cards late at night, list for 12 hours at prices higher than normal cause the international players will pay more since the supply is low while Americans are at work/school :smirk: sorry guys lol

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