What badge should be removed in 2k21?

I’ll start. The intimidator badge should be removed. It is so ridiculously OP. If you have an open layup but a player with an intimidator is standing 5 feet away, you’ll miss it. You even miss open dunks because of the badge.

The steady Shooter, tear dropper (irrelevant, get rid of quick draw so we can have good releases.


Fancy footwork because it’s too cheesy

They can just nerf it.

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That simple.

Get rid of all the badges that are new it makes the game not unique lol make it like 2K19 please

Steady Shooter because no badge should make you worse anywhere.

I liked how we could add our own badges before. I’ll add they should change it back to limitless range as well.

They should make it so there are very few HOF badges. Doubt it though.

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And we can have good releases but I want it 2k19 style waiting until like May till first Opal in packs but Make it Late April instead. Nerf base 98 peekabooing but make it a good release still like add a mini hitch, Improve Base 107.

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Oh and the Price Fixing badge Chinese MT sellers have.


Trae dropper is nice if they make a skill gap for layups , euros , floaters etc
I would love it

And also, nerf post cheese.

I think it’s a park topic ahah

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Base 98 won’t be the same it will be like Base 11 this year but next year

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But not the OP one.




Yeah just basically make that pic purple and put it in the badge form and thats the Price Fixing badge right there

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