What are you working towards right now?

What’s everyone’s goals that keep you in the game?

I know that when I feel like my team is complete, I find the game less fun, so I am always chasing a card.

Right now my goals are

218 tokens til Worthy
Build Bank for GO Shaq

Maybe this thread will give me more things to chase and keep me more engaged

  • Shaq and 3000 tokens
  • Locking the next promo most likely
  • GO KD, GO LeBron

Keep my 3 million MT to spend on GO Bird, Magic, and Hakeem.

Need 300 more tokens for next GO reward.

Maybe lock for Shaq… but still on the fence about it.


Limited MJ/Kobe

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100k from tto to snipe

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Just slowly assembling my end game 10 man squad. Right now I have 6 pieces MJ, Worthy, AK, D Rob, KAJ, Cowens.

I have 1M MT for the last 4 slots. One will be Gilbert and the other three will likely be Bird, Tmac, and AD

TTO always the well for starting capital.

Wish I had the time/patience to snipe like y’all.

I’ll post something in there every now and then though lol


Building the cheesiest squad possible :grinning:

Did you really pull Limited Vince from packs awhile ago or just Unlimited? lol

from the 10k pack got steph 95 too. Made close to 70k. Got KP for like 45k with diamond shoe and contract. Got some MT leftover. Waiting for a jared jeffries or thurl upgrade hopefully both.

Building up MT for GO Doctor J, PD Jimmy, and PD Iggy. Very tempted by GO Shaq but he’s going to be too expensive to justify, given I don’t want to use any of the other cards from the set.

yeah funny thing is you need more patience for TTO now days lol

Making my paypal account more fat.

It’s not bad,

My formula is

Slasher with Dimer - Kobe
Shooting Big - Malone
Straight Big - KAJ

Games go by pretty quick and KaJ/Malone are usually able to get a smaller defender mismatch in the post so that negates most off balllers

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Tbh nothing

Im waiting for some raps cards. But thats bout it

Not ripping packs. Im good with the cards i got. If i cant win with giannis and simmons lol

Funny, mine go thinner this morning lol

But just in time apparently

48 more tokens to Worthy and will have him this weekend. Waiting patiently for Shaq now for the ultimate all time lakers logo lineup lol

GO Paul Pierce

That’s basically it

Short term: tryna snipe a Melo, or get one in the 400k range

Long term: D Rose and the upcoming 2 Anny players for Galaxy Opal Shaq

Maybe locking the next promo (Ben Simmons is a king… if they do something like that again, I’m in)

I’m 28 tokens away from my first Opal reward… I’ve been waiting to see if they add anyone that gets me excited

Opal Magic, Opal McGrady, Opal KD, Opal KAT
Edit: how could I forget Opal LBJ

Working on acquiring my first token Opal. No sets locked (not even balls or jerseys).

Just hit 250, so only 500 more!