What are you shooting from three with Evo Simmons?

Checked mine and he is shooting .489 from three in 150 games TTO and MTU only.

By comparison I am shooting .647 with Oscar…734 with Tmac…689 with Opal Melo…661 with Opal KD.

I had a feeling he was shooting like shit and just confirmed it. Anyone else?

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Feel like I shoot rough .400-.450 with him… It’s why I don’t run him in TTO anymore.

I’m not sure EXACTLY what I shoot because I quit out once the loading circle appears to skip the reward menu for a faster grind, but I feel like the lack of hot zones at the 3 really hurts him

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I dont no whats the thing but Simmons hits threes pretty well in 4th quarter. But mine shoots 51% overall

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Take less than two threes per game with him tho.

Still my favorite release among the giant PGs tho. It’s a bit sow, but it is smooth at least.

Just can’t get Magic and Giannis release down. Giannis in particular sold me on so many open jumpers.


52% but I would pull with a much higher volume from limitless.

Not only did it open up the floor against tough opponents but it was a good way to force quits against people who hate 2k cheese.

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I launch with him of quick stops from limitless all the time and I feel like I have his release down. You would think he would be lethal with all the badging.

Im just gonna run him at the four as a change or if I need him defensively at the one.

45% :man_facepalming: Good reminder to sell him this WE

Must be it because his release is nice.

I don’t even guard Ben from 3 most of the time.

You paid 700k for him cool take and green an open 3 you’re not just spamming turbo square all game.

I have him at the 4 and he still is shooting that percentage. I only bought him for KG and got him for 450 K…its hard to leave that on the bench.

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He seems like a perfect 4.

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Agreed! If he had even a couple hotzones at 3 I think he’d be insane. As it stands, if I don’t green it it’s not going in 100%

He is quite good at PF but the price makes him a bad value if he never plays PG.

Lots of cheaper PF options.

I have at the four and KG at the five. I just laugh every game when people try to bully either of them down low.

Didn’t realize you also had KG…that is an athletic front court.

If I had Ben locked in I’d probably run him at PF too, even with his relatively low 3pt%.

I also blame the lack of hot spots for not being closer to the ~60% for good shooters.

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