What are the top 5 PGs in the game so far?

I’ve mainly been playing park and rec so I haven’t touched myteam this year yet. Curious to know what the top tier cards a few weeks into the game so far

d IT, Drose, Cp3, Iverson / amy VanVleet from ah. Not in particular order.


If your willing to spend on badges there plenty of options anyone decent you can put qfs and clamps/menace/intimidator on will do well… I dominated with Nash and fox for a while I now have Frazier and he isn’t that much better than they were… Iverson badged out though is absolutely the funnest him posterizing is awesome hahaaha

Reward Dee Brown, evolved to diamond is surprisingly good.

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Diamond Isiah Thomas, PD Walt Frazier, Diamond Rose, Diamond Iverson, Diamond Kyrie.
Honorable Mention: Amy VanVleet.

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100% agree with the cards and the order.


The best move right now is to get Walt and have him spot up while your SG or SF runs the offense.

I haven’t played much 2k22 my team at all this year. but the 2 games I played everything felt so slow and sluggish?

Should i sell my drose? he is badged up, with all the good badges. I feel like season super packs are aproaching soon.

btw, luv drose. Man is insane, his HOF qfs is too OP, even kawhi couldn’t stop him/