What are the top 3 auctionable SGs in the game?

Best card at the 2.

Kobe, Eddie Jones, don’t have a third.

Lavines the 3rd

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I’m hyping him up in your other thread but Zach is a god

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Kobe, Grant Hill, Eddie Jones (I don’t have Zach LaVine or PD Jordan)

  1. Kobe
  2. Zach Lavine
  3. MJ

Wonder what people thoughts on VC at the 2 ?

Lavine (Have not used yet but have seen in action)
Scottie. I know his release isn’t the best for how most people use their SGs, but for me he is elite. I hope him and MJ get a Duo.

Kobe, Lavine, Eddie Jones, MJ

So cam isn’t a thing anymore?

hes not auctionable

Otherwise he would be in the top 3.

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I pulled him on his first limited drop and his sigs weren’t great if I recall correctly.