What are the chances we get playoff throwback packs?

For some reason I am not confident at all in the fact that playoff throwbacks will drop, basically all the big names that could be dropped have been dropped, only nash and west stick out to me as needing a card. We will definitely get playoff moments. Are we sure that throwbacks will come out?

There’s no way all of the anniversary players highest cards are 97

Probably true, but which of those actually need another card? Ben wallace - no, Ai - just got one, magic - has another, griffin - has another, jordan - needs one. So only jordan out of the first set, maybe bird, bron, durant, and kobe get another. And the third set will come out at the same time as the playoffs, and will already be juiced. So 5 cards…

We will get a diamond Sleepy Floyd one way or another for sure! Could be a TDIH card though. Plenty of cards like that left though which could fill playoff throwback sets.

Sleepy always manages to get a card

Theyll release them for sure its a moneymaker.