What are the best super budget defensive wings?

I got Michael cooper as my starting 2 and kawhi obviously, but is there someone better I can get at the 2? I like cooper but he gets a lot of fouls for me.

Bruce Bowen is a beast. Amy Bobby Jones as well, though he’s a 3/4 and has no 3 pointer.

Butler is still a nice card

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I like Bobby but def want the 3 and D not just D. Bruce seems meh as well cuz he’s not as good at handling

Jimmy Buckets

Sees a post about a budget defensive wing

Remembers Ruby Boris Diaw clamping God Squad cards only to obliterate them on the offensive front

Ah the good ole’ days

That’s a good one, might try him out. Thanks

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The new hezonja is good, if u can get Bobby he’s very good, or j smith

Yo all those end game Ruby’s they were dropping were stupid op I liked jonathon Simmons lmao

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Emerald Trevor ariza

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Ruby dion Waters in the as packs was my favorite ruby

AM Deng is very good, cheap 3&D. Also has really good defensive Tendencies. Only 13 Foul. High in ones you want high.


Jimmy Butler. Or, if you just want pure unbridled defense, Bobby Jones.

  • Emerald Danny Green is actually a nice wing.
  • Ruby Ray Allen has HOF Limitless.
  • Amy J Rich is underrated, for sure, and has HOF
  • Ruby Mo Pete is an OG.
  • Ruby Gerald Wallace has offense and fucking clamps.
  • There’s tons more, but those listed are not bad options.
  • I forgot amy Rudy Gay!!! He’s the shit.

Yeah Harry, this is where I’ll have to stop you with Deng, he’s good at D, but, last time I checked, his jumpshot is so bad. His shot has been blocked so many times for me because it took a while to release that shot

Noneoftheless, Deng is a great defensive card, it’s just a shame they gave him a slow jumper

Yeahhh deng is cool but his jumper isn’t my style either, even open I don’t make his

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Josh Richardson is my go to guy



It’s a good point and bears emphasizing. It’s just that I tend to shoot with my wings, especially those without 3pt Play Type, only when they’re left wide open and I have more latitutude to get a shot off. Not that a slow release isn’t still a big thing to consider, even then.

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Kawhi for only 40k is a steal! :joy: