What are some cards that you would love to see get released?

since it’s the end of 2K19

Eddie house and raja bell both sleepers


Boris Diaw

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Yea the suns all time team needs to be buffed up.

GO Rodman and Jokic

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Speedboosting jokic

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Opal Grant Hill, Boogie, Ewing & Rodman


Auctionable upgraded GO Wilt
GO Ray Allen with base 11
GO Thon Maker
GO Jokic
GO Darius Miles
GO Jason Richardson
GO Spud Webb


Kiki :joy:

Ron Artest, Sheed, Chuck, Reggie…

all of those cards would be fantastic

they sadly dont have the rights to any of those players

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Yeah I know, a man can dream though lol

Willis Reed
Big E
Connie Hawkins
Otis Thorpe
Ewing - Opal
Pistol - Opal
Nique - Opal
Penny - Opal

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Opal Bryant Reeves. All other newcomers (Roy, Arenas, Jamison) got an Opal. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

GO Nick Van Exel

Go cedi

Chris Bosh

the ruby was nice at beginning of the game

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