What affiliation are you all are going to do on next gen?

I’m thinking Beasts or Vipers but im not really sure yet. What about you guys?

I read somewhere you don’t get to pick idk if that’s true

You can pick after you get assigned you’ll just go down to rookie one just like 16


I don’t really play park, but this looks pretty cool.

They said pro 1 you get assigned to a affiliation and after u can ask to be changed. If you do get changed you get assigned back to pro 1, so u can just ask to be chnaged at pro 1 i think

you’re correct so basically just transfer as soon as you get put in your affiliation if you dont wanna be in said affiliation

Whichever gives me a play making boost

Then what’s the point of assigning if they can switch right away lmao

Some people like that hogwarts cap to decide where they go. Some people know lmao.

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honestly i dont know lmao

im going where ever the shooting boost is lol just like sunset

Either the beasts and wildcats.

From these comments I take it each affiliation gives you a boost in a certain area?

Are there any negatives or other positives?

i wont get next gen till next year, but imagining they keep the same affiliations for 2K22 next gen, id choose the Knights

Troydan one looks like the best one

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After further examination I will be going to the


Favorite color red
From the East
Minimal Decal on the court
Tyceno the mayor

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Do you get to decide what rep? Or do they just give you one

They give you one then if you don’t like it you can change but you’ll drop in rep so it’s best to change early on

Beast of the east