What 5 man rotation are u running for quick Unlimited Games?

im doing curry, wade, carmelo, JJJ, Aldridge.
want everybody to shoot but also be able to defend.

what would you suggest, adjust.

im don’t know exactly is it better to run the 5 out with curry or wade with the ball in hands ? of course you can dunk better with wade, but hearing a lot people saying that curry is the Top 1 guard…
so im confused in this situation if curry is my ball handler in 5 out he has prop. more power to get 3’s out of dribble’s but also, isn’t curry the better shooter to get the pass from wade ?

or simply changing this in order how the opponent will defend your players ?

(i dont need it to get the opal tier - just want to learn this play style on the offensive end)

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How do you even run 5out? Do you need a specific playbook equipped? I’ve been a consistent 4-1 guy for about 5 years lmao

Hawks freelance

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im doint it with bucks playbook 5 out, is there a major difference ?

Ahh thats why I got like 4000mt in AH when I sold that the other day lol

Curry Brown Reddish Zion Blake. If I wanted to sweat I would buy someone like bird or durant


Hawks freelance. And then if you want you can run specific 5 out plays. The easiest way is just to tap l1 and select pass and screen away.

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badged them up ?

Yes with the exception of brown. Blake and curry were a must since i grinded for them.

I bought a fully badged out Zion since the price between a naked one and fully badged out was minimal considering the cost of diamond shoes, contracts, certain badges.

I’ve upgraded reddish deadeye to gold and added only like 1 or 2 since he has almost every important badge in the game already

dont got zion, but wade at 2. and larry nance at 4. maybe ?
or why would you choose jaylen over wade, simply because dont have him?

If I didn’t have curry, i would use wade at 1. The reason he’s special is because you can run your offence through him, he excels and playmaking and finishing. Didn’t grind for wade that’s why Im using Jaylen. But I would put reddish at sg and then use durant or pg at 3. I’m just saving mt for next season.

Don’t use nance, he’s borderline useless online. Massive offensive liability. You can’t run 5 out offensive without 5 shooters. A good player will simply camp in the paint and force you to shoot with him. D glenn robinson is a very good budget sf/pf, he has clamps, silver range, hof contact finisher. If you’re looking for a cheap pf buy siakam for 10k, he can fo it all https://2kdb.net/player/2k21/pascal-siakam/8645

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Use Bosh instead of Aldridge at the 5. His shot and defense is way more reliable.


Curry-Melo is not a good combo both are not good defenders. You gotta hide Curry somewhere and it’s not possible with Melo on the floor. Wing has to be a good defender.

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OMGGGGGG WTF. i went in with curry. wade. reddish. nance. blake.
had like 84 overall my opponent 91
was up by 20 all the time…
then my FU******KIN curry gets a shoulder injury and is out of the game.
i lost down by 1. like wtf

Use a full lineup. 5 man won’t help you that much. Generally if your going to win a good percentage of your games, your going to win a good percentage of your games. Matchmaking is so random your going to match max teams in your run at some point regardless. IMO anyway.

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I don’t believe in karma, but if I did this would be a hilarious example. Use a real team and an injury won’t ruin you. Asking people how to cheese and lineup overall finesse, then lose because one of your dudes got hurt :joy:

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that was a scam

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I only run 5 but my overall still high. I just don’t sub because why would I ?

I’m just stingy, why waste MT on a 10 man squad? Overall cheese is imo nowadays barely a factor cause I face 5 man lineups 90% of the time.

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yeah, thats why you can answer my question… lol