What 2k could do to save MyTeam for NBA2k24

I wrote this just out of frustration and because I think this is what 2k needs to be successful. I also would love to work for the MyTeam.

What NBA2k24 Should do to save MyTeam

Level 40 and other rewards.

  • Have some useable cards on the way to level 40 every season until the end and don’t recycle old cards.
  • Make the Level 40 card a good card that is one of the best cards in the game until the end of the season at least.
  • Make tokens easier to get and make the token market back into what it was in 2k21 but every month put new cards of each tier and have a lock in reward each month
  • Have moments of the week drop every week and have a lock in reward that is good so people will care about it.

Packs and mid week card drops

  • Have Tuesday drops every week and make them interesting ( Like the first season have 6 rookies from the first round in Tuesday packs every week and have them evo up, though the higher they were picked higher the card overall)
  • Make Friday Pack drops exciting and not only have 3 tiers of cards but something like Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, and Diamonds.
  • Keep cards in pack at Diamonds and lower for the first season and gradually have the cards get better through the seasons
  • Make lower tier cards like Emeralds and Sapphires in packs for Limited
  • Also a personal Fan Favorites and have people vote from some options for the cards.


  • Make a special Limited card each season and have limited available the whole week.
  • Make requirements that don’t totally favor money spent players and let people use lower tier cards and enjoy them


  • Make their be reward players the more points you get and have the Final player worth the grind
  • Leaderboards aren’t based on points but record and percent starting after 20 wins so if you have won 150 games but lost 200’you won’t be on the leaderboard and make it more fair to people who win and don’t lose.

Triple Threat/Clutch Time

  • Keep it the same but have their be be ball drops for clutch time
  • Each Mode will have its own origami rewards


  • Each team you beat you get a special card for that team though not very high tier
  • The Rewards for completing each domination is better and evos the next season and let people know

NBA Series Cards

  • There will be three drops of current NBA cards one on the first day, the next on the 4th season, and the last on the 6th season.
  • All cards are available in packs through the time they are available.

Locker Codes

  • Post Locker Codes for every pack drop again so casual players can have fun and to just give free rewards
  • Ok any major holidays have the Locker Code rewards be not ball drops but choosing the card you want.


  • You can use team designs that other people have made and uploaded in MyTeam though you need a certain amount of cards to do that and have the ability to make your own jerseys and other accessories

All 99 Cards

  • Only have those cards available as rewards for season 8 and in packs in season 9 but not have the tons of them.

Cards Face Scans

  • Cards face scans should try to look like the player in the picture, So if we have a card of old Magic and young Magic they don’t both look like old Magic.

Super Packs

  • No more Super Packs until the end of the season and then they don’t replace the Tuesday Pack drops instead they are released on the last Monday of the Season. They will be available for MT 2 seasons after they are released. so season 1 super packs would be VC and MT once season 3 starts.


  • Have a Flash Pack and a Signature Pack come out as a Friday pack drop once every season.


  • Have people vote for songs to have and have a default setting of having clean music and an option have music with cursing to keep everyone happy.
  • Also have past songs in 2k that were popular come back.

Card Art

  • Have colorful card art and have the themes be related to the time of year or holidays sometimes.

Employ Me?

  • I would be happy to work for 2k to make it better for everyone and fun for all the types of players

They should make it where no matter what mode you play, as a F2P player you can keep up with those who spend money. If they’re gonna release cards that can sell for 2 million MT then the game mode rewards should realistically give non-pack buyers and non-MT buyers an opportunity to earn that much. 150 a game and the occasional 2,000 MT for hours of playing won’t cut it.

Opening the vault is pointless. The vault already opens half the time, sitting through a 30 sec animation for 1x token is garbage too. If the vault opens, there should at the minimum be a Diamond shoe pack.

Multi-select option when filtering through collection. Selling stuff like injury cards one by one for 10 mt is sooooooo tedious.

Auction cancelling. As long as a card has zero bids on it, we should be able to take a card down from the auction house.

Give TTO co op a MT buy in and a jackpot just like Ante-Up for MyPlayers. Ups the stakes and makes games interesting. Also make it so that playing a game requires 3 people, and if one person deliberately quits, the game is a forfeit. Prevents bots from playing.

Domination games are too long. 2minute quarters.

Challenges should always and only be on 12 minute quarters. Play the game until the challenge is completed. Keeps players from wasting time.

Players should receive 1,000 MT for winning a game as a bottom line.

Tokens could be used to purchase promo packs with boosted odds or guaranteed prizes.

PITY SYSTEM FOR PACKS. The best cards in a set should be guaranteed after a certain number of packs are opened. And not something crazy like 100 when a 20 box is $50.

Trophy case should have the names of each collectible type when viewed in collection. 2K kinda left us in the dark this year. Can’t tell which is which.

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These are all good ideas and everything, but most have already been implemented in previous 2K myteams. It’s easier for them, in the off-season, to plan out something like the trophy case which they can throw out pieces to sporadically and not have to pay people to design new cards throughout the year. This trophy case system lasted them 4+ months of not having to give out cards in specific modes and then they saw how well recycling was doing that they did it with all the Level 40 cards and now in all the other modes too.

Their data tells them that people are going to still rip packs to get the clear top card in the game no matter how many times they get put back into super packs, which is why we saw PD DeRozan in so many of these super packs already along with fan favorites like LeBron, Kobe, MJ. How long til Yao goes into super packs, I’d guess next Tuesday is the first time we see it.

This format is totally brain dead for 2K and allows them to sit back and collect checks rather than trying to innovate and create new content that the 2K community is ultimately going to complain on Twitter about no matter how good it actually is. Hate to be a pessimist, but I think they’re experimenting with a formula to be even lazier with next year’s content and I don’t see it changing for the better anytime soon. :man_shrugging:

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2k started this trend of laziness in 2k22 in the last 2 or 3 seasons. I pointed it out and everyone said they’re just getting an amazing 2k23 ready and I’m just complaining. Well, it all carried over and even worse then imagined. Recycled cards for rewards along the grind to Level 40, recycling old cards in TT and as Clutch Rewards, Unlimited Rewards. No locker codes, packs not being able to be bought with MT , only single packs and that’s only the latest drop. Limited Rewards should be new, up to date, usable and exciting. Not a choice of 12 cards we’d previously had access to. Yes they’ve finally mixed it up this season, but that 20 pack will be 6 weeks old and not a Deluxe one at that I’m guessing, low odds. 2k are too out of touch with the community and it shows. They need to look at other franchises like FIFA etc and see what they’re doing.

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