What 20th anniversary player is being released next?

I think D-Rose

I think someone willing to start rumors(because he has a supposed inside source) said PG 13 is next from his inside source. With the recent releases of a Rose and Garnett I don’t necessarily doubt it but can’t confirm it to be true.


kg harden or rose. maybe pg13 :skull::skull::skull:

I don’t have an inside source like that other guy :joy: but seeing as Rose and KG recently got throwback players i’m Sure they’re likely to space it out and release PG and Harden first lmao

I’m thinking PG. Im thought it before homeboy gave his source info. But we haven’t had a 3 in days. I think were gonna get an ltd and non ltd. i doubt theyll make him opal but well see. No matter what hes going to be a fucking beast. That I do know.


PG24 with throwback Pd Granger, Pd Artest

Like Kyrie, with limited edition.


This would be great. I can see Granger for sure. He’d sell packs.

If they’re smart they’ll do harden while he’s still in the playoffs and make him an Opal.

I think the limited will be a PD that’s OP ala Cowens, 19 or 20 HOF badges

I think he’s about to have all important badges except dimer.

they are gonna need crazy hypebeast sidekicks for the Harden series to sell packs

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Give me PG13/24

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The player you want least

Gimme the sidekicks.


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If it’s PG I can see them dropping a 98 TBE Bird with him

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I want pacers pg and bulls Jimmy buckets

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Yes Please!!!

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I loved this card so much

That windmill soul taking poster dunk he would do was so amazing


Guys the only reason they did the limited and non limited for kyrie was because they had a cover when he was on the cavs and that was meant to be the cover but then he got traded to the Celtics thus for a limited time cavs kyrie was the cover athlete no other player will get the same thing