What 2 GO should I choose?

I’m torn between which 2 I should choose. I will also have a decent amount of mt selling back after collecting. I technically could take 1 and not lock any further.

Do you like base 11? If so take Walt Worthy… if not take Gary Payton and Clyde

I like base 11 and slow releases lol. I just learn the release for whoever I use


I heard GP has a new release?

Just depends on which release you’re better with and which do you prefer. Go with the card that fits your playstyle.

I’d say GP seeing as I’m not a score first guy with my point and Gary is great all around. Clyde and Worthy is the tough choice

You have PD Gary Payton already so you must like the card… Go ahead and upgrade to opal Gary Payton. It’s rare and your team is already stacked. The second card would be between Clyde and Worthy imo. Clyde better defensively and Worthy is a scoring machine. Your choice.

True. I may lock GP and weigh my options. Not sure who would complement Giannis better

Where would you even play these cards? Your team is soo stacked that Gary is the only one that makes sense. Perhaps you could run Worthy or Clyde off the bench or will you bench Pd TMac whom plays like an opal.

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I’d go Clyde and GP.

That Clyde is just absurd imo he has my favorite animations. Idk where you’d put Worthy maybe the 2?

If you don’t want Clyde then go McHale.


Yea I haven’t ruled it out but I hate the fact he has less badges and 67 steal or whatever it’s rated lol

Me Blunty is right. Go with Gary Payton and Clyde. Defense wins championships. Plus you have enough offense coming from Giannis and then once you add Clyde it’s a Gg

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Yea I might just get GP and hold. I probably would have to lock some sets for tokens and I may want that mt. Opal bird will most likely replace melo. Opal Kobe will possibly replace jr or Tmac. JR has the plays but I may not need that if I have bird

Or I could be a total asshole and run Giannis at point with James at sf but I don’t usually care to roll that way

If I had opal Giannis I would be running him at either point guard or Center. You grinded 2500 cards for him. Play him however you want.

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Definitely get worthy and replace melo

You don’t like Melo? He’s a straight assassin when I play with him

Worthy is a monster I just got him and he’s a walking bucket

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It’s not that Melo isn’t good but for me he wasn’t great and worthy is just amazing and from what I hear everyone thinks that

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Yea I hear the same but my thing is that Melo is great at everything that people claim worthy is great at minus the Hof d stopper. Most people struggle with Melos shot but I’ve had him since he dropped and I score a good bit with him. No problems timing his release