What 2 centers should i use?

Out of these 4

PD Yao, Duncan, Wilt, and Tako

what ever i dont need im going to sell

Well you cant sell taco n Yao is 7’6 so id get rid of wilt n timmy



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But wait a while for wilt because his price dropped now because of the locker code, duncan not sure how much he going for…I run bosh and yao

Yao & Ming


Run all 4. Clamp up the wings. No buckets in your paint.

ya but then how do u stop the 3 ball ?

i thought wilt was a top card ? is duncan better ?

PD wilt only has 4 gold badges upgraded to HOF and some attributes increases, compared to the ruby.

Most overpriced card in the game IMO.

Keep Wilt as the price Is not worth to sell right now. Tako is reward card you can’t sell. I would sell duncan for an MT so you can add better player in the future. And I put Yao as Starter and Wilt or Tako as bench.

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I would use yao and duncan

Switch Drob to defending the 4 he has clamps and Timmy D can guard most 4s not named giannis.
I wouldn’t really do that but if you have to keep them.

I DONT HAVE d rob ? which 2 centers do you recommend then. I also have bosh



Like above said lock up 1-4 and Yao and Tacko will handle the paint


Thats an awesome lineup right there. Top to bottom.

Oh my bad I read Drob for some reason.

Listen to OG

THIS IS my current team


only other pd i have on my bench is wilt and diamond draymond. what should i replace or use

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thats my lineup i liinked you. I cant afford ben or tmac right now

That’s almost the lineup I’m going for besides Worthy. Trying to get Ben “cheap” lol

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