Whas if sig kobe gonna bs fay history card

I meas ronnie hintd at pd kobe and c9nvient on this day. Lookins stats only 5 badga so be less op and bad d slower would make sense since old Maybe reachin or add up

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Not a stretch. Good theory actually. Except that’d be today, and we’re getting TB’s today so. Think we can rule it out.

What did Ronnie say?

Shos hint pd kobe…

Say be lockser code be no effet on tbt if it right

Also suppors this is kobe age 40 on card

I just love how he’s got a number in a word.

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Yo the way he texting making me feel high


So PD 40yr old Kobe…

Old man kobe

Saw title had to make sure :rofl::rofl: i know a carlo post when i see one lmfao