West and Havlicek are Starting To Grow Onto Me

Expanded from using 3-point plays to my bench and these guys run them great. Havlicek is deadly off the catch and while that play is running off-ball a lot of the time the picks West receives and my moving around while waiting for the play to develop will result in West getting open for a look. Then Kawhi and Worthy are both good transition players, defenders, and dunkers who can shoot the 3-ball well and Kristaps can shoot and rebound as needed.

Both of them have great released IMO, especially West who makes up for his height with a super quick release that’ll catch the opponents off-guard.

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Had lots of fun playing with havlicek. His 3 point shooting was lights out and he can finish at the rim. West played decently for me but I felt like there were much better PGs.