Wes Unseld Enshrined

Just wondering, I have a secondary account I use for farming MT. Does anyone think it might be viable to throw an extra 9 HOF badges from last week’s logins on him and see if there’s a market for it? Would take him to 31 HOF on an Amethyst, maybe good for someone on a Limited weekend? Thoughts? Or just stupid, lol?

Reason Wes is pulled him from locker code pack and thought I’d just see what I could throw on him badge wise as a joke. Usually quick sell or of worth anything AH.

what are the hof badges cos i would be very interested

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Would be upgrading from Gold to HOF Difficult Shots, Flasy Passer, Defensive Leader, Post Move Lockdown, Deep Hooks and than add Ice In Veins, Clutch Shooter. My bad, would be 2 free spots for badges added. I could add up to Gold possibly?

how much do you want for him

What would you think is reasonable? I’ll leave the last 2 added badges spots free and you can add whatever you’d like than. He’s only going for 1,100 on the AH, but it would obviously be the HOF badges that make him valuable and for Limited runs as you know. Otherwise, if you know of any other players you’re keen on and cheap enough to hold those badges I could buy one and badge that up instead? I’ve popped out for now but I can follow or inbox me if easier?

Unless you have a deal in place you’re happy with I would absolutely not do that, haha

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Me or the buyer? If me, those badges will literally sit there doing nothing.

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For you. There’s gonna be better affordable cards to make profit off, or better used on your rewards.

I just think, unless you’ve got a deal with a buyer for an amount you’re happy with, taking the risk on a Wes won’t pay off.

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It’s literally my 2nd account I use for personal MT farming. Login every day, enter codes and when the MT builds up enough buy a cheap card from my Primary main account. Get lucky sometimes on locker codes and use that to farm my main account balance. Never actually play with the account unless it’s for an easy challenge that is worth the time and rewards.

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Makes sense. You do you man, but if you’re looking to farm some MT I’d definitely take the risk of badging up a Mo Bamba or Lamelo or Haliburton or something. Or even a cheap opal like Billy Owens.

But up to you in the end :slight_smile:

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Haliburton with 30 HOF badges as well as Gold Rebound Chaser added. Added and uograded HOF badges in photo. Let me know If interested