We're playing NBA JAM

Never thought this day would come :sweat_smile:

Anyone have a cheat code for big heads?


NBA Jam looks like a basketball simulator near this game.

People who play NBA Jam and something crazy happens to them in the game are saying “wtf is this, NBA 2K?”


This game has worse gameplay than NBA JAM ngl


Just started going for it. Made a lot of progress with the event. Can’t wait for the fireball

I want the fireball so bad… it would look so rad with the jean shorts :heart_eyes:


Missing 2 Ink balls.

missing one last blue camo ball. if they gave me the disco ball it’ll work too

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Damn just saw that you need every card in the tiers to get the tier balls. That’s gonna be tough. Might have to lock some collections

I can’t remember the exact numbers. but it’s not every card, albeit close. 20 diamonds and 15 pds or smth

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Told you NBA Jam load that mf up with the fire ball :rofl:

I did the required amount for each tier and finally reached opal rewards so I gotta collect a bunch of tokens and go back for the other ones

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THIS BALL TOOK ME 53 games of TTO. But we’re chilling now, fire balling is fun

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im probably on 20

Blew up so many tokens on this, never thought I’d redeem sleepy Floyd, Jerry west, and Patrick Ewing - they all have as many HoF badges combined as Amy Dean Wade… but it’s endgame now lol

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i did all of that one the way to AD, now i just need that blue camouuu

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Just flip the camera to Broadcast in TTO, not all that different really overall.

Some might not know, or remember, just how popular and comp NBA Jam used to be, 2K knows exactly what they are doing out here.

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3 games later

who better to shoot it than the ball with the best sigs


Someone please talk me out of using 1,560 tokens on this :joy::joy:

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Go for it bro I mean tokens are easy to stack I spent 900 yesterday and got 80 back through tto already

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u know its not worth it. u probably use it for a few games and thats it. feels a little straining on the eyes too

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