I can’t be the only one who’s seen this and thought it was funny

More spicy nuggets for me

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wendys is the shit. food actually pretty good there and cheap too.

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im confused too

first thing that came up under google when you search wendys

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Didn’t they already try to cancel Wendy’s not too long ago?

The CEO has been known to be a Trump supporter and it’s been known that he donates money to his campaign.

This will never work anyways. Wendy’s gonna be just fine.

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A Wendy’s franchisee donated like 400k to trumps campaign, and everyone thinks it’s their ceo, or the company for some reason


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Wendys never interested go for international they should have learn of Subway already better than McDonlads sort of

wendys will be just fine, wont stop me from going there. they got budget food and that shit is good ASF

Cancel culture is insanely toxic and Twitter is a playground for people trying to feel important by taking down celebrities/brands without understanding the full story

Thankfully it usually doesn’t work


A little bit of reading, the donation was to help make wendys, taco bell, and pizza hut some of the first restaurants to help re-opening the restaurant industry

I have some strong opinions on Trump but donating to his campaign alone isn’t going to stop me from frequenting a business.

But if you’re a piece of shit and I know about it then I’m out for life. Fuck Papa Johns.



Louisville owned Papa John’s

Wendy’s is facing backlash online after Business Insider reported that a franchisee on President Donald Trump’s restaurant-recovery roundtable donated more than $400,000 to reelect the president.

In mid-May, the White House announced that Muy Cos. CEO James Bodenstedt would participate in the roundtable. Muy Cos. owns and operates hundreds of Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut locations across the US, making Bodenstedt the first fast-food franchisee to publicly advise the White House on how to help the restaurant industry recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

straight from business insider

Wendy’s allegedly donated 400k to a neo fascist POTUS who called protesters “Thugs” and Militarized the national guard and police against Americans protesting for equality.

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It was a franchisee tho.

And now its time to lock it up