Welp qualifying dream fail

Oh yea complete blast me worthy wilt… idk people much quit i force 3 quits and no where top 10 rip


I’m sorry for you brother.

At least you got 5 million Mt.


Yeah that’s a good $700 if he sold it

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Should’ve been bribing people to quit with that MT stack

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:/… only down 6 going fourth…

I playing best play today… till match 2 opal still chancs win in but worthy wilt offball aids

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Whats the leaderboard look like rn? Anyone snap a pic if possible?

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Ok post 6min ago how da landford 862 pt 6min.

Hot shot is a 2k league player and he is 100% boosting.

Wow. Thats is insane. 100% cheating

@cheddarbob youre right. Theyre for sure boosting / cheating

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Yea unless cheat in not qualfiying off way it is

Smh so terrible

I cnt believe no one is talking about this… 862 points is like 3/4 games worth of points… in 7 minutes…

DA LANDLORDD is one of the worst players I’ve ever played this year and last. Yet he’s gotten 1100+ points in less than 30 minutes lol suspect

You did your best man, no reason to be upset. Just gotta come back stronger next year. Just looking at that leaderboard and it looks like 2k is just hand-picking these qualified players.

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Yeah hes trash ive played him a few times and never lost

I play him once to if know kobe wasnt useless and 2nd quarter didnt go bad… only lost 7 to him… he aint good

Wrong thread

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@jyoungAD curious what you think of these players potentially boosting? Dalandlordd with 800+ pts in 7 minutes…