Well this was my 11 game matchup in MTU

Warning incoming slight flex…

Look at this lmaoo i mean i have 3 amy but this is crazy ppl already decked out like this, i was on game 11 for my client

i won tho

dude played 2-3 all game, Hondo made him pay simple stop playing 2-3 zone lmao

Also I’m not saying this makes me good because I beat him Ik most of guys like him aren’t the best at 2k, it’s more about the fact /k matched me with that


Gratz homies, good things for good people. Still balling with that Deng bro? That’s nasty right there :sweat_smile:

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Deng is a god bro , cant wait to try battier. I feel he will be a even better Deng


Yah man Battier is so good i got Diamonds and shit and he still plays most minutes in MTU for me, because he locks them down for real and hes pretty good at scoring as well.

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So how u play against the zone?

break it in the middle, post up their guard with your big they will have to help if not its a easy 2 points if they help dish it to the corner now with shot buff its green


Its a shame man most of those rewards and stuff not gonna make my team

hell on my personal account i still run t ferg dudes a beast


what would you run right now?

Straight up man, you probably can get away with 2-3 zone if your good at baiting but if your opponent is patient you may regret it

Almost all of the ppl with teams like this early in the year are bad at the game to be honest. And most of the reward cards are underwhelming to say the least


my bad i meant what cards would you run if you didnt like those rewards

That Ewing is so meh its really sad :frowning:

Shawn kemp is booty. sapphire porzingis is better or amy giannis is much much better

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The only PD reward that i’m looking forward is original IT.

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Jerry West looks even better IMO

Only the smaller players look good out of the PD rewards

lmao he’s probably raging. nice w!

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I like IT’s defensive badging more i barely ever shoot with my PG’s so i dig him more.

I can’t get over t-ferg to be honest. Still searching for a better 3/D wing. Battier is next in the Amy market for me, so tferg will have to be my 2nd best 3/D wing after that I guess.

Its a huge L that neither have range extender or flexible release

“slight flex” ? this is the definition of flex

impressive bro!