Well boys I’m out ✌🏽

I’ve quit this game is not good for my health whatsoever

I broke my L1 and R1. You can still play

I’m on like my 8th Xbone controller (though none were broken in rage). It’s unbelievable, since the Atari 2600 30-something years ago I had never broken a single controller for Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, PC, N64, PS1/2/3/4, Saturn, Dreamcast, 3DO, Xbox/360, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U.

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Info on flooring?

Wym? :joy: had it done years ago

Because back then those times were simple compared to now which games are aids and money grabbing

Can I have your MT lol

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It’s a nice ass floor lol

this @Dominic_M11 guy, lol. My guy is on it! The moment he smells a retirement, BAM!

“Lemme get that MT, hannnnn” - Ying-Yang Twins voice



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Thanks :sunglasses:

This is like your official post in every thread :joy::joy::joy:

This is your “get the strap”.

True lol

I can’t blame him tbh :joy:

I scream that “hannnnnhhhhh” all the time. Been doing it for like 10 years now.