Welcome to the WNBA trailer

inb4 immature guys come bash athletes that’d smoke them 10/10 times, but I’m super excited for this. I was nervous about how deep the inclusion would be, but I read the blog and they have a full WNBA season mode and even specific freelances. I can’t wait to play this game, I was excited when Live did it, but I know 2K is lightyears ahead.


If the ratings for the WNBA teams are more realistic, it might be more fun to use them against one another than playing with the NBA Jam men’s teams.

Might actually somewhat resemble basketball.


I find it cool. It won’t make the game immensly better but it’s good, it will be fun to try them out

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Maya Moore and Candace baybeee

Galaxy opal Swoops will be mine

If myteam has WNBA cards, I’m not playing


my partner thinks it’s cool. Still don’t think she will play.

myteam is so ungrounded from reality. Bring on the coeds.

I hope they don’t fall back on this addition as their big step forward with the game and neglect the actual game itself. It’s great they added WNBA players to show equality, but we all know these companies like to do the minimum to make the game appear new when a lot is recycled and repackaged. Otherwise, :clap: for the add


Who is the main consumer of the WNBA? It’s still a man, right?

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Opal Brittney Griner at PG gonna kill you guys with mid ranges and layups!


I highly doubt they will include them in myteam… it’s already a huge task for them to put in a fix for the playbook glitch let alone female players mixed with men


Well they kinda let you being your MyPlayer in this year so it should be possible if they keep that feature

Chances are the season mode they mentioned will be the only place they’re featured, though I could see there being a MyGM specifically for the WNBA as well. It’s just much easier for them to create and balance ratings just for WNBA players and keep that as part of it’s own ecosystem rather than try and balance everything in the game around their inclusion.

All in all, it’s a cool addition though. It’s always nice to see more representation and content in the game.


Maybe if they let you bring in your actual player rather than a 80-81 overall basic one I’d be interested… maybe in 2k22 they will have that and I’ll buy it again lol

This is exactly like when Euro league teams were in the game. Nobody is playing with them not cause they’re women per say. Cause we genuinely don’t care and they’re lowkey garbo lmaoo

Lisa Leslie point god

I wonder if we’ll get legends WNBA players?

71 is way too high

I think they should. MyTeam is clearly a fantasy game mode and you better believe I’m gonna buy packs if I can use Cambage or Delle Donne.