Welcome To The Squad C Webb

What a damn grind. J.R you’re next.

What’s a good shoe for him?


Red Bull shoes. So you can fly on out of that dungeon


I put the red kobes but i reckon the kd that boost contested 3 and speed would probably be better


Only thing in this dungeon is a tv and chair


Wow Congrats Bro!!!

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n a towel ahah


Just got Webber last night. Congrats OP the grind is real. I added the purple Kyrie 4 PE’s. He needed the lat quickness & speed boosts…his only weaknesses.

Yea ima slap those on him

Whats your strategy for getting to 2250? I’m so overwhelmed right now. I have no idea what to even do next besides overpay & complete all the old sets & all future ones.

I’ve got all current and heat checks done and I’m up to date with all throwbacks. Just missing 9 players between jazz and wolves. Also only missing 15 misc cards. I’m jus gonna take it slow and add cards as they release (cheaper ones like moments. Tbt etc) instead of overpaying for cards

Im at 2075. As time goes on, the premium set cards are going to get higher and higher. I would get those now or soon if u havent. Im missing all the rookie sensations and couple of the moses one.

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I meant all the “premium” sets like rookie sensations, and whatever else. I guess I could start grinding schedules…thats like 40 free agent cards. Then get all the token reward sapphires and rubies eventually. Ive got Wilt, so no need to save tokens anymore. I dont even have time to play for Hakeem, but thats just another card towards J.R. so I’ll get him. I need a break.

I cant come to terms to playing a couple hours to get 2 free agent cards. Im okay spending the mt but not time lol

Youll probably have pd jr smith guarding sampson soon too lol


I need 103 tokens for wilt lol. With the premium sets I’m missing 10 rookie, 6 voltage, 5 flight school and 4 3d players


Nice job Johnny - Webber is a great card at the 4 - boards, shoots inside and out - not fast, but he is quick. My favourite reward so far.

Good luck getting to Wilt.

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White speed/contested 3 KDs for the shoes. I’m now 69 tokens from Wilt, 2 weeks to go.

I got him earlier this week and went with grey Jordan’s for the SWB/lat quick/moving 3. I wanted to boost moving 3 because of HOF difficult shots. He greens stepback 3s in TTO pretty well. Been cheesing him Duncan and Ralph for the post scoring monster team. It’s too much fun.

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I believe it. Obviously no windows in that mf that’s for sure lol

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