Welcome to the Bubble documentary

Matisse Thybulle is documenting his time in the Bubble, and I gotta say, his first video is pretty good. Hope he keeps it up.


Must watch for @Manulous



How can you not just love (and want to marry) him?

Holy this is nice. The best insider on everything about the bubble. Definitely looking forward to new episodes of this, and the rook is pretty chill

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Matisse is pretty lovable. Not gonna lie.


this was great i want more ngl

Does he edits the videos himself? Video editing is quite time consuming.

Matisse is awesome, I hope he earns more playing time. One of the best defenders in the league already as a rookie, he just makes play after play.

Think of how much money was invested in all of this, every single person has it’s own room with a tv, speakers, and all those other cool stuff, I know that doesn’t sound too wow but think of that multiplied by all the nba players + staff guys. Not to mention all the other complexes and facilities to play games, train, gyms, have fun and etc.

a lot of that stuff is standard with the disney hotels they are in but i was watching and thinking about how well kept and advanced the systems were and was surprised honestly

Also saw quoted number of 1.5 million per day.

I just imagine them entangled within 2 months of isolation with only each other. I’m ready.




Imagine being Will Smith with a cheating wife and a house full of weird ass kids to support.



Yeah he does the edits too. That stuff is time consuming…be interesting to see if he can keep up with it once games start and some of the restrictions get lifted.

Will deserves better. Been in the public eye for over 30 years and the only person to have anything bad to say is the original crazy-ass aunt Viv.

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Ngl, just saw the video of Will and Jada talking and boy was that cringe, you can just see the pain in Will’s face. That’s one of the worst videos I’ve seen in a while

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This just threw me off

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