Welcome back MPJ

Welcome back MPJ

After 571 days of no organized basketball, last night MPJ made his professional debut. In his first minute on the court he sized up his defender in isolation and splashed a contested side step long jumper for his first shot. That was such a good feeling for someone like me who has been waiting so long to see him play and for all of his other fans. Here are his highlights from last night’s 105-94 win over the blazers for anyone that hasn’t yet seen them. He checked in for the first time with 4 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter and played the rest of the game. Finished with 9 points on 4-7 shooting and 3 rebounds. Welcome back to basketball MPJ


If he didn’t have injury problems, I’d be really hyped about him. Would be a star, for sure.
But I just can’t see him getting through a season without injuries, unfortunately.

Look how tall he is bruh

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If this works out the nuggets are the favorites imo. He fills out the missing piece they had.


Future several time All Star.

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Once he gets comfortable I think he is the blatantly obvious answer for the Nuggets to start at SF going forward and send Barton back to the 6th man role that he had excelled at in the past. And like you said if MPJ works out and stays healthy and approaches his potential, look tf out for Denver for a long time. He would push them from rising dark horse contender to one of the favorites every year

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I really want him to be great but he’s gotta stay healthy. If he does then him and Jokic are probably gonna end up with some rings by the end of it.

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Jontay originally tore his ACL and MCL in October. He was slated to be a lottery pick in the 2019 draft before this season and had fallen into a late first round pick after the initial injury.
Michael’s eldest sister, Bri Porter, suffered a total of 5 ACL tears in her high school and collegiate career.
Michael’s other sister, Cierra, similarly sustained a lingering knee injury that forced her early retirement from collegiate basketball.

I’m sure that parents who forced them to be vegan since the earliest age had nothing to do with this.
Shame. That’s why I’m really sceptical about him ever being injury free.

Well he’s injury free right now so I hope that dark cloud you’re casting doesn’t end up being the story of his career. The guy is definitely aware of the doubters and I hope he uses that as fuel to be great. Good thing is he believes in himself 100% and that radiates when you hear him talk and he has a great work ethic based on the words from everyone around him in the organization

Yeah, I sincerely hope he makes it, because as I said, if we talk about his potential, he has one of the highest ceilings in the league, no doubt.
I don’t really like to compare young players to superstars, but it’s somewhere between Giannis and KD in terms of athleticism/shot. Like a balanced version of both. Not as athletic as Giannis, but with a much better shot and even handles.

If he maks it, no doubt him and Jokic will win a ring at some point.

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Love this

MPJ bout to be ROY and wreck the league.

Sending good ‘injury free’ vibes to my boy.



im so jealous as Pacer fan (stuck in the inbetween of the nba. not quite good, not too bad) that you guys have this kid. If he can continue to get stronger and obviously can stay healthy i think he’s a star. I wanna see him do well.

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Wow he looks really good. He took those contested jumpers with no hesitation. Will be interesting to see him catching dimes from Jokic. Nuggets have a lot of weapons and a lot of youth.


where is my 7’2 guy

Only got room to incorporate 1 rookie at a time lol when Plumlee’s contract is up after this season, it’s Bol’s time

You can honestly just look at the way he got his shots off and instantly tell he’s going to be special if he stays healthy and continues to work on his game.

All I want for Christmas is a Nuggets thread not started by @YOSEMITE_HAM

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Feels very smooth and talented, reminds me of KD. I hope he stays healthy to see what he can do

Weird that you choose to enter my threads if you don’t like them. Where they do that?

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