Weird Unanswerable TTO Question

Do you think the board is the same whether you win or lose? Weird question, I know. But I feel better when I lose and it’s a shitty board. lol

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Better when I lose… Almost a guarantee


It’s gotten to the point where I will go undefeated to the last two games, then I will use all bronzes and lose on purpose because I know it will bring better drops.
So far so good, 2 run-throughs and two diamond packs landed.


This seems like it could be the goods lol.

I’m 7-0 rn, I had one good board with a this day on history pack. Pulled Ruby MJ.thats bout it

Hands down, I get better boards if I lose. It’s not even close.

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It does seem to give those sweet boards when you lose and only have 1-2 drops, usually resulting in a bronze pack. I did have a nice feeling when I got screen 3 cheeses into an L, got a diamond pack with my 1 drop. Just thinking the guy who won probably got a few 100mts or bronzes.

I have a friend with a much darker past than myself. For whatever reason we were having a conversation about crack gummies (crummies for short). I asked him if crack gave energy boosts. He said for sure, problem being all the energy goes towards finding more crummies. Much like TTO boards. Oh coulda had more chances at that diamond if I won! Let’s go play more! Oh I could have gotten a PD if I opened more packs! More!