Weird GO coaches bonuses

How come that Klay Thompson, SG/SF gets a boost to Post Control like Cs and CWebb, PF/C does not get it?

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Bigs get different boosts than guards.

So why does a SG get the Post Control like Centers, while PF/C does not get it?

Because the boosts follow the scheme and the triangle required guards that could post up like MJ and Kobe.


Its Phil Jackson. Think about the 2 SGs he coached. That’s why SGs get post control.

Yep, that definitely makes sense, just surprised that it fucks over another player that can be posting up there.

And now I know this site is unreliable: MyTeam Coaches, Systems, and Attribute Bonuses - NBA 2K HQ

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why dont you use 2kdb?

Had no idea that I can see coach bonuses there.

Anyway, bought Jerry Sloan and got Post takeover even on Kareem, dream!

Did you check if that is true for other SGs? Klay has a glitch where he sometimes starts covering centers. That likely is not the case, but I would first check if the same thing happens to other SGs.

Gotta say, I like the card art this year.

Weird question never knew the answer but do coach boost apply to TTO and clutch time ? Just bought Lenny

Definitely. You need to just make sure the active lineup has him as the coach.

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