Weird defensive switch

My Center and small forward keep switching their matchups randomly and I am not sure why. I am not the only one but does anyone know what triggers this

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Are you using klay? He does that regularly for some reason

no I was using iggy but a buddy of mine mentioned it happened with his klay. Hear me out but I think the auto defense adjust settings are putting your best defender on their better player.

I saw this on a stream and it wasnt with Klay. Its a bug.

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it might be but cant know for sure unless I tweak some settings

Assign your matchups manually and turn off defense playcalling in coach settings. Idk what else could help. Are you running a zone defense?

nope no zone. its probaly the setting you mentioned. they think they can do what they want

I’ve seen this happen in PNO as well. Been broken since at least 2K19 but it seems to occur more often now lol

Sapphire Trevor Ariza might be glitched too he kept getting assigned to the other team’s center even after I went into the settings and changed the assignment back to how it was supposed to be.

I just hate that with help defense on zero, deny, no threes, and stay at home all set, but they still leave the fucking corner shooters open. Game is trash!


Lost so many games that way.