Weeklys are now 6 tokens


Good schedule challenges should go up also


if its 5 long games it’s still not worth the time

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The 3 tokens per schedule is insulting for how long each one takes to complete.


I don’t understand this at all, they have these offline modes (aside from domination) that are just so unrewarding. Like I’d love to play against the cpu and run plays and use different players that I don’t usually use but they make offline content so not worth it. Should be 30 tokens per schedule, and a pack, for weeklies it should be more around 9 tokens


Not enough to make them worthwhile. I could play less than an hour of offline TT and get the same amount of tokens whereas the weeklies take closer to two hours.


Challenges are the same - I was doing the weeklies anyways but at least they’re listening (or putting out more rewards for tokens)

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Should be 10-15

Ya challenges should be like 9-10 tokens per, considering there are 30 teams, 2 tokens for 30 teams is going to be shit, more worthwhile for MT with the deluxe pack at the end.

I play weeklies every week just for fun I’m glad they did this cuz 3 tokens ain’t shit


6 isn’t much, but I’ll take what I can get

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Why cant they just fix TT offline from 3 to 5… Really isn’t askin much lol

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These fuckers. I got 2 for like the first 5 or so and now finished them all at 3. they owe me some damn tokens. 6 is reasonable but fucking gime an extra 3 or 4 for the other ones.

It’s for new ones added, ongoing.

Ahh so no update amount to the old ones