Weekly wheel spin

Maybe this week they have some good stuff on it since they had good Dailey log in stuff.

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Did think that when I saw the daily rewards… Prepare to be disappointed though, haha

I got PD Prime Westbrook off the Daily Pack. Hopefully something good on the Weekly Wheel Spin.

So, anything special on the spin? Or is it the same as last week (opal Tom Heinsohn, I think)?

Dell, Doc, and Rick Barry and the other usual items

Saw the Father’s Day opals and the normal assortment of mt/tokens. Scored big on a diamond shoe pack and hit the green Kobe’s.

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I got 5,000 mt. Everytime I get the prize right next to the opal.

Was as close as I could be to Dell, got Brad Steven’s from the diamond pack instead…

They been given good stuff everyday but we get to friday and it a contract pack. It could least been a diamond contract pack.

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5k mt :yawning_face:

Got ya boy ima have to try him just cuz :joy: you see that solid 6 mt im chillin on lets gooo

Diamond Austin Rivers —> 1500mt :slight_smile:

Yeah I got diamond Austin

Didn’t have him, so at least it’s a card I can try out

I have bad luck with pulling players from the weekly wheel.

Diamond rivers… Yay?

got D Rivers. So close to GO Rick Barry, but we all know 2K rigged everything

Damnnn all y’all pulled diamond rivers thats wild… my shit almost went 25 tokens then went backwards to curry

I got Dell curry :joy: 2ks never given me rewards cards like this just mt and tokens usually. Aye il take it​:man_shrugging:

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The first time I miss a login because I was doing offline services on another account they go and change the rewards… can someone actually post a picture of the wheel?

Normally I’d be happy with a diamond contract but not this time.