Weekly Wheel is a joke

Weekly Wheel is a joke

2k offered a chance at a new year resolution pack which wasn’t even on the wheel?! And then I got the Jrue Holiday they’ve been giving out for free on every locker code.

Got Paul pierce two weeks ago as a log in reward a and then again on the weekly wheel. Feels somewhat rigged.

These need to be fixed ASAP tbh - there is no incentive to log in everyday at the moment and not even giving the opportunity to get what they advertise. As a NMS it’s semi frustrating


I got 10 tokens, I’ll take it

The fact that Jrue is even on that damn wheel. Smh. I got a Duncan pack which contained Tiago Splitter lol


Is that a 60 token spot?

Yeah, it was. It’s actually an alright wheel bar the Jrue tbh

Got Jrue as well. Pretty sure there’s a gold contract pack in there too. Lame shit

I got a diamond contract. Given i already got 25 of them in my collection, makes this reward kinda irrelevent, but i’ll take it i guess.

5k mt woo

Diamond shoe. I’ll take it.

Rewards are a joke indeed. I’ve gotten 4 Paul Pierce cards from daily rewards/locker codes. Wouldn’t be surprised if I got some more…

You ain’t lying bro lol haven’t got jack from it since the Steve Nash card lol

I got a diamond contract. I still have no idea where I’m supposed to be trying to stop it on the bar. Sometimes I do halfway, sometimes the full bar. Seems random.

10 tokens for me. Wanted a diamond contract but today they Will be cheap so ill pick a few

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Got 10 tokens and the New Year’s pack wasn’t even on my wheel either. 2K…gotta love their dedication to fucking up. Lol

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yes! got a diamond shoe. (opens it)
got converse one great.


The weekly wheel is :poop:

That’s a “promotional diamond shoe”

I got these, nice come up.


Got pink Adidas diamond shoe


I got the Timmy pack and pulled…


No way! How? The weekly wheel is “TRASH”.