Weekly spin

Weekly spin

I got 3pt diamond shoes ===> 30k in bank
What y’all got?

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4K mt… i mean its free mt but … 4 K…


4k MT

Wheel is a joke. There shouldn’t be a single “bad prize” on the wheel.

I played the game every day since launch and never got shit.


20 tokens.

(Have 5 accounts including my own)

Today have gotten 3 T-Mac packs (2 bronzes 1 silver), 10 tokens, 4000 MT.

Used the 10 tokens on a farm account to open a Walton pack and got D Austin Carr.

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I feel you

Has anybody already got the 60 or 75 tokens prize?

Tmac pack and inside was sapphire oladipo

Rose pack with a bronze

Tmac pack with pd tmac!!

Nah, I am joking. it was 10 tokens

it would’ve been nice to get… yesterday i just got to Opal board and that would’ve been nice to get to start off with for tokens…

TMac pack with bronze jarred vanderbilt in it

3.5K MT can’t wait to come home later and spend it on Ruby bonzi wells


diamond Jordan 3pt shoe :+1:

Diamond contract… Whoopty doo… Now i got 29 of them…

I got 75 tokens :fire:

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4000 MT … I’m cursed with this wheel

I got you all beat. McGrady pack with a gold player.

@6GodInTraining except you, oof :sweat_smile:


Tmac pack with bronze bates-diop. I always get a bronze in these.

4k MT seems to be very popular today. :thinking: