Weekly Spin

Initially i thought its guaranteed Rui Hachimura. I got standard based pack, seems like another year of rigged weekly spinner


Standard pack for me2

I wish they had just got rid of the wheel, This years game is too good to have a rigged wheel each week.

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4 of my friends all got the spot after rui which is the base pack

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Missed 2 days, according to info above nothing to regret.

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Should be guaranteed since glitched mutumbo and kawhi and others are coming out tomorrow

Got 500 or 1000 MT. So deflating lol.


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500mt :joy:

These wheel spins have been a joke since they came out. I got a shoe pack. Obviously rigged.

1000 Mt woot!!

1 spot behind. Ugh.

I logged in every day and didn’t get a option to spin lmao

5k mt so could be a lot worse I guess


Maybe in your extras?

Wasn’t there either lol

5k mt. Used it towards diamond shoe for TJ Warren who i got yesterday. Wanted speed

I also got the spot after rui, the base pack. Rigged

Me too mjne says I didn’t log in Tuesday even though I played for 6 hours won 5 domination games… the agenda wasn’t showing up that day which I think is what caused it none of my stats were tracked that day or counted towards agenda It didn’t even give me the domination reward packs until next day either… SMH atleast it seems nobody got him anyways

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Got deluxe Colossal pack with Ruby Siakam. It was weird… it stopped at 2 tokens than the wheel moved back to the prior slot. This crap is so fixed! :sweat_smile: