Weekly Spin (Bugged)

Weekly Spin gave me 0 MT and no chance to spin the wheel, despite logging in all 7 days. Just a heads up


me too

are we surprised?


nope not at all, lowkey was expecting it

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was gonna come here and see what others had said. and was thinking I wouldn’t start another topic for this bcos it’s pointless. but since we have it…

Fixed :slight_smile:


Same, 0mt. I would like to meet the chump who quality controls the features they implement, he probably sleeps at his desk all day then just approves everything at the end of shift


Aaaaaand I get fucked again

Let me guess… They will fix it and give a spin while I’m at work Friday… and by the time I get home, it will be after midnight and I’ll get screwed like last time.

Thanks 2k

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Yep add me to the list.
This is myteam and gosh it’s frustrating.

Fuck this company is a joke. How hard can it be to consistently get this feature to work?

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Same here. Honestly this is just getting completely out of hand, makes you wonder if they even tested out this mode before release.

What are those guys doing over there at 2k? Counting their money instead of working on fixes? Game has been out for a month, 5 patches and it seems like we are only getting more issues instead of less.
We have had a locker once! And why did they even bother to include the token market again? It hasn’t opened once yet.

And the agenda bonusses. Got the 200mt for every unlimited win today. Why in the world would i want to play half an hour for a measily 200mt extra only to get disconnected at the end?!

From the bottom of my heart I want to congratulate 2k on a new low! Didn’t think they could pull it of, but they always seem to come through no matter what


another 35 giga patch incomming too fix lucky spin :rofl::rofl::rofl:


there is no such person.

Game mode just isn’t worth it. Game is barely worth it at all

Have had 1 of 3 spins work

Just got a generous 0 MT!


is this worth opening a ticket for?

0 mt hell yeah that’s what I’m talking about 2k

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Worked for me just now, got 6 tokens.