Weekly objectives

Weekly objectives

Guys why I can’t done this Timberwolves weekly objectives? It need
Win a game in domination by defeating your opponent by 20 points while using 5 player from the Timberwolves

My starting five are:
PG Terry porter SG zach lavine SF Keita bates-diop PF Christian laettner C Kevin garnett
I won it by around 21 22 like this in history domination it didn’t count… Why :confused:

Has not been working for me , neither the dynamic goals or daily goals

Maybe try only the current t wolves

Then it is not worth now I only have 1 bronze current Timberwolves player :rofl:
And the reward only 650mt :joy::joy:

Same thing happened to me. Maybe it has to be a game in the first domination tier. But I haven’t tried because I completed it already

I’m pretty sure that your need to exactly meet the point requirement - 20 in this case. More than 20 won’t count.

That would be so damn stupid…but you are probably right