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I run

Bol Bol

Won by 50ish and got like 23 rebounds. You can’t off ball with your center and just sit back, you have to manually contest the jumpshots, otherwise they will never miss. Also, don’t put “Deny ball” on the off-ball settings, they just cut around your cpu teammates like they ain’t there.

it’s easy on next, did 19 on first attempt without paying too much attention or any special strategy (and I am pretty average)

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You need tall lineup , I use bron,Giannis, bol bol, drob and Kareem. Still was a challenge but help with rebounds because they dont miss

It worked with 11 offensive and 7 defensive rebounds?


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This challenge is impossible on current. Every miss shot Kareem gets the offensive board, he literally gets the rebound even when he’s way out near the 3pt line

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its august

Half time and they have 18 offensive rebounds wtf

Update they finished with 27 offensive rebounds. I tried taking it to OT but Kareem decided to hit a full court shot with 0.5seconds to win
Fuck you 2k

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Use a defensive coach

I used Nick nurse for it

full court press.

On ball smother/off ball tight
Over on all screens
Catch hedges
No help defense

the press will help you speed the game up which leads to more chances for rebounds. You’ll also likely force some turnovers getting players cold, and then they’ll be more likely to miss shots. Make sure to contest the shots yourself instead of the AI. Then make your offensive possessions quick.