Weekly Next Challenge

I’m sure it’s easy for most, but having not played in awhile, how the F do you get 15 defensive rebounds in this challenge?!? I can win the game, but I can’t get the CPU to miss 15 shots! And even when they miss Kareem gets some offensive boards! :joy:


Yo. Just loaded up and gave it a try. 5 boards at half time. They don’t miss. They are hitting all contested shots.

next gen is way to do it :slight_smile:

Looks like it.

Does the CPU miss more on next gen? I haven’t tried it; mainly because I wanted to keep my custom unis and court from current gen!

I almost failed the challenge. I had to go into overtime to get 15 defensive rebounds. The 10 dunks was cool but trying to get 15 rebounds when they dont miss is a pest. Then they keep getting fouls when I play good defense on them. They want use to work for that deluxe pack just for a opal. But I play them because you never know if u get lucky like i did the day before and got dm hondo out the free pack.

Been playing MLB all week and I just got on to play this challenge. I swear it aint possible. Tried twice, most of the times when I would be about to grab the rebound, Kareem just jumps over my player to grab the ball, or my player just drops the ball like an idiot. Whenever I go to dunk the ball it puts me in some stupid layup animation.

you need to go to overtime to complete it, in current mostly

Overtime the only way , I let them score to were they was up by three and with 5 sec on the clock I had luka shoot a three and went into overtime with 11 rebounds. I made sure i got 4 rebounds and kept shooting threes to stay ahead . If you at least get the dunks out the way then u can shot threes the whole game because they hit everything on current. It say pro but it feel like it’s on hof.

or you can keep 2 pts or 4 pts lead, then keep fouling so they cant shoot 3s

I did on Current with overtime I realize at the start of the 2nd quarter the other team wasn’t missing so I called a timeout and put crash the boards. Started jacking up shots if I see my player in I see my players in position. If they wasn’t I would just call a screen and wait for the roll to jack up a poorly timed shot. I had 15 rebounds before the 4th quarter

but requirement is a defensive rebounds right? offensive rebound is easy. i got mine after 2 OTs

It’s defensive rebounds though lol

Pretty sure it’s glitched. If you won’t hit defensive rebounds try to get 15 total and see if it works.

If its glitched then no need for OT

Nah I did it with 11 offensive rebounds and 7 defensive rebounds.

Is it even worth doing these weekly challenges this one seems hard after reading the comments here and all you get for 40mins of play and a nice dose of stress is 400 mt and a pack that has a 98% chance of holding a terrible card.

I don’t bother with any of the weeklys

I don’t know, those packs have saved me several times. I’m purely NMS and the only reason I had enough MT to get Steph in week 1 was because I got AI out of a pack and sold for over 100k.

This pack I got a DM though it only went for 12k or so. These are hit or miss of course. I usually save them for challenges when I need to score a lot or something that’s easy on pro.

I am good against the CPU and I was unable to complete this challenge. And I was playing HARD.

Next gen - i found that encouraging the opponent’s ball handler to shoot by flopping (just right after they cross the line), they usually miss. If they drive, help defense with the centre for the block then rebound.

Onball/offball defense tight. Front court of bol/taco and wiseman/Bhullar

Had 10 rebs by halftime/15 rebounds mid of 3rdQ