Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges

They actually switched them up and made them more difficult and rewarding the last two weeks but the new ones seem like they are rolling that back. That is such a 2k move give something good and then just take it away. WHY WOULD I PLAY 5 GAMES ON PRO DIFFICULTY FOR 6 TOKENS?

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Aren’t the new ones for 12 tokens though? Idk I’ve been playing them to EVO IT4 - just a few points from PD

Week 36 and 37 had more than 12 tokens though. Also they at least gave the computer superstar difficulty. So its more like a real online game with timing shots and what not.

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I like the offline content because I dont have to stress over it. But I can only play so many games with no challenge.

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Agreed, I only play a few here and there but over time it’s added up to decent MT and EVO progress (I’m weird and enjoy the EVOs) - for a NMS player I think it’s solid enough. I mean last year the weekly challenges for the first half of the year only gave you 3 tokens!

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Servers and lag so trash you couldn’t even play online if you wanted it…

Yeah we’ve gone from 20 to 15 to 12 tokens the Past 3 weeks. Better than the 6 we were getting, but still sucks to see it continuing to decrease.


WTF…what was the point of making those weekly challenges better just to decrease all the way back to 6? What was wrong with the increased tokens? Its not like we have a whole lot to do with them.



2K sales department: “VC sales went down since improving these weekly rewards to 20 tokens and 8k MT”
2K management: “Ok lets decrease the tokens and MT reward a little”
2K sales department: “VC sales still down”
2K management: “What the hell lets move it back to where it was”


6 tokens for 5 offline games is an insult man


To be honest. I dont even care about the tokens as much as I care about the difficulty of the challenges. Every game on Pro? Come on nobody’s team at this point in the game is gonna be worked by a computer team on Pro.