Weekly Challenges

How long does it take to do the 5 games. The 1st game is usually only a 3min 4th quarter right?

I think I did the first week and then realized it was too time consuming

2.5 to 3 hours , if you don’t take a break . But the montony will make you

Wow. I thought it wasn’t full games for all 5. 3 hours is crazy for 5 games.

Ya only the first game is short , the rest are 4 to 5 minute quarters. The issue is you will blow them out and they play too slow

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You can get about 9-12 tokens from offline TTO in the time that it takes to do a weekly challenge, maybe more. @Awanz and @TheSnowMan would definitely know. Lmao

I do not want to talk about this. Not looking forward to the grind for Worthy.

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You right. Just thought I would do the weeklies and get these 90 tokens. But idk about 3-hours for 5 games.

Your doing schedule challenges lol , think that’s worse than this :slight_smile:

Someone has PTSD. Lol


No it’s not. TTO offline is all pick and shoot 3, rinse and repeat.

Ill rank them in order.

Schedules > Offline TT > Weekly challenges.


Either way they kill off brain cells


I’ll agree with that.

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None of them are fun, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I didn’t truly know what a grind was until 2K19 that’s for sure.

I did all this like a lunatic in 2k17 and what did that get me ??? A 96 Bob Petit , who I had to take away from the lineup in 5 games


At least you have a partner. Smdh

True. It’s way easier/efficient.

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Play Darksiders for the Platinum , you will develop tolerance for this