Weekly challenges on pro difficulty

Please 2K, it’s time to change the difficulty of the weekly challenges, the cards are too good now, it’s basically a shootaround! I’m shooting 97% and the CPU 80%, it’s not fun at all

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It’s annoying, just a 3 point shootout.

Uh guys… this is the best way to complete XP agendas without repeating domination. Why would you want offline challenges with mediocre rewards to be harder?


Especially now that Spotlights are cancelled this season. The 30point and above triple threats were fantastic for grinding

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I have totally lost my ability to grind offline. It’s just so damn boring. They should add something similar to XP challenges that are mode-specific instead of having to use a certain player. Score more than 50 points with a player? Get an extra token. Triple double should get you 3 tokens, double double 2 tokens. Hold the CPU to under 10 points in a quarter, get a token. Stuff like that, to give you an additional incentive to play the games.

Or, they could add online leaderboards to see who has the highest XP score at the end of the game, kind of like Madden’s Weekly Solo Challenges. Give prizes to the top 100 each week.

There’s so many ways they could make these challenges more interesting. Having the XP challenges for certain cards is nice, but I think they should take that concept and run with it. Some people only want to play offline, and the leaderboards would give them something additional.


Leave it on pro, nice easy way to get XP, plus people with budget squads sometimes struggle with these games.

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Yup. Sweet ideas there. I remember in 2k18 when there were exactly the same challenges for all 30 teams. 900 games of extreme boringness without the ability to even build a nice amount of MT.



You’ll start complaining when they release these 50 badge dark matters with maxed shooting badges and starts making in every shot and locks your team down.

These games are only challenging / annoying if they require a high amount of rebounds or blocks. Otherwise, just trade 3 for 2 and you don’t even need many stops to win.