Weekly Challenges are worth 6 tokens now

Just a heads up, the challenge with Booker has 6 tokens. Only took them 20 weeks. Please delete if old.

Edit: yea im way late lmao please lock and unlist @HarryLundt @DEG @kinsman

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Took me by surprise when I saw that earlier. A whole 3 more tokens, thanks 2K!

How many games a thing 4?

i think 5 but not full games

Didn’t Harry just lock a thread like this lol

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Just thinking that’s better then mtu i think 1 a win basically but tto is prolly still better maybe once u factor contracts

Yes sorry I was busy all day and didnt see a thread about it until i looked harder

i never get shit for tokens. i swear my board is nerfed cuz I use 3 98-99s

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I forgive you

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Thank you lol