Weeklies are up

Decent MT reward and one MJ pack lol

Edit : Its called a MJ day pack and not a MJ plus pack maybe they are like Kobes

detail please

In the first one you can use any jordan and score 16

ahaha lmao bet im glad i didn’t bother with the challenges, I heard someone mention that the challenges were for pd rose and that had me regretting not doing them, glad it wasn’t.

The 1st one is worth 600, 2nd is 3,000, 3rd is 7,500, 4th is the pack, and 5th is 1,000

what are the requirements for each one??

Man. Was hoping historic ruby would keep or at least go up in price cuz people would need to buy them for challenge. Then forgot that he is in packs. So his value dropped like crazy… had 4 of him lol

First one looks like a full game. So no one knows it yet

I’d have to play them 1st, and I’m attempting to snipe right now

That’s the situation I’m in lol

First game is a full one 4min quarters

People say stupid shit, don’t listen, haha

I really hope theres no player requirements besides ruby MJ

Of course I have to go back to work, so if the reward pack is glitched no soup for me

Grinding this 4 minute quarter challenge on rookie is so boring

so why do we need to have the ruby MJ?

exactly. i’m starting the 4th Q but already falling asleep

I think they didn’t know what they are gonna do yet. And now it appears it doesn’t have to be the reward. If that’s the case the F em. F a tit hard!

We need 8 bulls players for the 2nd challenge

I just realized we have to score 16 with MJ in first challenge. Theres like 1 min remaining fuck it i’ll have to restart it