Week 32 MJ Challenge - Reward Card Fixed // Requirements Listed

Just completed the weekly challenge, got token but never got ruby MJ card?!?

Reward card fixed. Appeared under Game Rewards.

Challenge Requirements:
1 - Any Ron Harper + 4 Bulls (1 Quarter / Pro)
2 - Any Rodman + 4 Bulls (1 Quarter / Pro)
3 - Any Kukoc + 4 Bulls (1 Quarter / All Star)
4 - Any Kerr + 4 Bulls (1 7-min Quarter / All Star)
5 - 10 Bulls (Full Game, 5-min Quarters / Superstar)

Reward: Ruby 89 Jordan, 5 Badges (3 HOF/2 Gold)

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Oh crap

Classic 2k

Same here. I guess what happened is they made a new reward ruby MJ but didn’t put him in collection (or haven’t got him finished yet)
Typical 2K

Not in the game yet

yep happened to me as well

figured since it wasn’t in the roster update

Was hoping for a Diamond glitch LOL. Not this one.
Yes, don’t think card is in the game yet. Only Rose and Pippen appear on the Rewards Collection

Same here

What is the requirements for the last challenge?

10 bulls players


10 Bulls Players on Roster.

Full game, 4 Qtrs (5min each) on Superstar

Should I be waiting before finishing the last one ?

Already fixed. Card was created and appeared in Collection under Game Rewards.

I don’t know about you guys but I got a PD Jordan from the last challenge. Must be a glitch! Looks like a pretty good card.

The prices of these cards

Do you think we’ll need the Toni, Kerr, Rodman, Harper, and other Bulls cards for the upcoming challenges? Like the moments ones they’ll most likely do?

I don’t think so. most likely just a certain amount of bulls players

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So what are the requirements as listed for this week’s challenge? I’ll unlock PD Nate this week (even though my token counter says I’m only 2 weeks off the pace, not 3. WTF!).