Week 3 Challenges

Challenges are tougher than they used to be. First two are easy…hold other team to 50 and then get 10 Rebounds.

Third is make 8 Free Throws. Make. So with FTs harder this year this isn’t a pushover Challenge if you use shitty cards.

And the 4th especially isn’t: says get 5 Steals but I think it’s glitched and you need to get 6 or 8. I got 8 exactly and used the best lineup I could with a Defense coach and ran Half Court Trap, Full Court Press and Trap and reached constantly.

With off ball Steals nerfed it’s really not easy and I was using Rubies CP3, Oladipo, PG, Wallace, and Gold Noel.

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They should atleast release a weekly challenge reward card if you complete like 5 challenges. 3 tokens doesn’t really do justice for me tbh.

Any reward card would “need” to be terrible and just for Collector Count.

But if Week 3 is an indication, then 3 Tokens is pretty paltry…5 would be about appropriate. The Goals aren’t necessarily that hard but the main problem is that one has to try to get them, rather than use the Weeklies as practice for Plays and such.


Yeah 3 is weak. Every token helps but when pd rewards are 150 a pop and wilt is 750, three is the equivalent to a gold collector level card

This is don’t mind. I’m at least happy you have to try against the cpu. Though that completely depends on it not being due to the usual cpu bs that comes with sweaty games

That’s weird I only had to get 5 steals and it counted