"Week 2" agenda goals only count in current NBA domination mode? *Working now*

I just won a historic domination game and it didn’t count towards any of the week 2 : practice agenda goals.

Has anyone gotten these to complete successfully? I’m guessing only current NBA domination games count?

Someone let me know if current dom works before I waste another game of time and contracts on this goal.

I did it on current dom and it did not work. I am guessing its bugged right now.


Bummer. :broken_heart:

Well if anyone gets it to complete please post something here cause I’m not sweating through another dom game until I know it’ll go through successfully.

These goals have been so buggy to start the year. It seems like I encounter at least 1 new broken one every day.

Wish I would have seen that this was bugged before I played a game…dang

Yea I dogged those challenges and was hella confused but good thing I always check

The broken Etan Thomas and Kyle Lowry goals just got fixed and are working now.

Has anyone played a dom game (preferably historic dom) in the past hour to see if the dom goals also got fixed along with the other two broken ones?


Nope hopefully someone can update for our sake

I had 3/4 of the week 2 practice complete and 2/3 of the Dom games for the win 3 games before i went to sleep last night and now they’re all reset and won’t complete. Somethings up.

Anybody tried a dom game in the last hour to see if it’s been updated?

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Just played one it didn’t work on xbox, it was historic

nope still doesnt work #ps4

A non-2KG friend and I both separately tried earlier today and no dice.

Not fixed 9/12

2k is literally trolling at this point. glad i didnt try again

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smh I need these agendas for Lowry and still not fixed


Mine worked perfectly in All-Time. I’m already 3/4 thru the 3rd set of challenges

not working half an hour ago in regular dom

Week 2 practice challenges still doesn’t record :frowning: , just did a game in reg domination and nothing happened

Week 2 pickup, 1st and 2nd half already done.

Last week, we had too finish one set of challenges to advance to the next set. Yesterday, all set were available to do right away (not lock). Maybe it was a mistake on 2K side and it glitched some challenges of week 2. Week 2 : 1st Half is shown as lock on my screen but I already did all the challenge on that set.

Just did 2 historic dom games, did not work

I completed the Week 2 Practice immediately after it came out. I did 3/4 of the second set of week 2 right after. I checked back today and it says that I haven’t done any of the practices and the second set of challenges are locked but it shows that I completed 3/4 second challenge still. So I did the ones I haven’t done and now I am in the third set. Its a visual glitch, it didn’t reset any of it so try doing the ones you haven’t done and it should unlock the next one.