Wednesday content? InVinceable?

Who knows what the hell this is…?

The most imaginative set name yet… ‘Season 8 cards’

They ugly as all hell.

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Vince will be way overpriced

He looks good but 150k is the max I’ll pay for him

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These cards and the MT Anniversary cards have the “card designers passed the design job onto their 13-year old nephew” written all over them.


Hahah so true. These are awful.

On a side note, it’d be cool to see 2K update Chet’s height since he measured 7’1" prior to the start of the summer league games.

It’d also be cool to see “Summer League Moments”. It’d give some of the lesser known rookies a MyTeam card.

I cannot believe they would release these cards (and not even include a interesting theme). Wish they would at least get us some Evolve challenges or new duo cards. I would prefer they release new lower level cards (Ruby, diamonds) that we could then use in Limited compared to this.

Wow :laughing: superpacks week 1 what a joke

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Super packs this early means that Friday is a huge drop. We are getting somebody like endgame Yao or Giannis. Probably a Yao that can play SF or a PG Giannis.

Jalen Green and Cade Cunningham are officially listed as 2 inches below 2k height. And Robert Williams is about 6-8 inches short on the 2k wingspan.

Can’t really blame 2k, though, coz there are no unbiased third-party measurements in the NBA. The NBA just lets teams do their own thing. It’s a business, with agents and whatnot. So there are no real measurements.

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You think? I think the will do these superpacks now every week in this season. Think they did this last year too

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I don’t remember endgame last year as I stopped playing early, but usually they drop super packs to drain people’s MT/VC because they are planning a hyped drop and want people to have to buy VC. Like how we always get the right before a new season.